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May 17, 2011


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I was on the hunt for a coffee table the other day, and was racing around to all my favorite haunts as far as great modern art and furniture dealers, and had the great fortune to come across an Yves Klein, blue coffee table.

First, you may ask, who would want a blue coffee table, well, not a bad question, but you would have to see the scheme of the living room.  A modern feeling with large canvases of art, that appear to be more like almost single colors of canvases.  So, this particular table was going to be perfect.

When I realized the provenance of this table, I then remembered and wanted to share, about Yves Klein.  Its funny,  when we look at fashion and interiors and sometimes the color palettes cross over, we wonder “who had it first”  but often times, color palettes come out of the modern art market, and such is the case with Yves Klein and this particular shade of blue.

Yves Kleins most iconic works are of solid blue canvases that are an ultramarine blue. The fact that the interpretation of Yves Klein’s work is centered on the color blue is partly due to his short life. 1928-1962, which prevented him from developing a lot of his projects.

this is another one of my favorite artists, do take the time and look him up, as his life was so apparent in his art.  He was just wonderful!



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