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June 26, 2012


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I was introduced to the work of Yves Tanguy buy a curator friend of mine! Knowing that Surrealism is one of my favorites, introduced me to this artist’s work.  A bit Dali, a bit de Chirico. you will see how this movement really was very true to the tenants that they subscribed to.

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French painter. Recognized by the late 1930s as a representative of the purest strain of Surrealism in painting, he was the only one of the great painters of that

movement to be entirely self-taught. Although he was a fellow pupil at the Lycée Montaigne in Paris of Pierre Matisse, who later became his dealer, he came to painting comparatively late in life, after spending two years with the Merchant Navy. After a long period spent with the African Chasseurs in the south of Tunisia, Tanguy

returned to Paris in 1922 and renewed contact with Prévert, also meeting the French writer Marcel Duhamel (1900–66), who provided accommodation for them at

54 Rue du Château.


Tanguy was profoundly shaken by his discovery in 1923 of a painting by Giorgio de Chirico, Child’s Skull (1914; Stockholm, Mod. Mus.), in a gallery window.

This encounter spurred him to produce his own first works, which were executed in a fairly naive Expressionist style but in which flashes of fantasy could also be glimpsed


Although the sensationalist overstatement of Salvador Dalí created a greater impact on the general public, Tanguy’s work proved more influential on the young

painters who came to Surrealism on the eve of World War II, such as Wolfgang Paalen, Roberto Matta, the Englishman Gordon Max Onslow-Ford and the Spaniard

Esteban and on the development of ‘absolute’ automatism. 

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