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January 2, 2013

Navy Blue – It’s the New Black

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Even though your art teacher in grade school wouldn’t agree, I consider navy blue a neutral color. There is something about the dark blue that seems to work with EVERYTHING. I am especially a fan of navy blue on the walls, because there are times when dark walls are exactly what a space needs, but navy blue has a depth to it doesn’t scare people and isn’t too enclosing. What is amazing about navy is that is has such a prominence of usage in the past and can stir up nostalgia, while still having an interpretation of being modern since it is used less frequently than your typical neutral colors. A fabulous look that I have been seeing lately is a dark matte paint being used on the walls and then the crown and base molding being painted the same color except in a semi gloss, which is exactly the right way to go about it. However, what is more beautiful then navy blue and and a crisp white? Navy blue evokes many different emotions; when it has a lot of grey it seems mysterious and trendy and goes well with other bold colors like fuchsia, when it is bright it goes great in a beach house for a nautical theme, and when it is it on the light side it goes well with dark furnishings for a masculine men’s club feeling. Tired of the typical baby’s room being painted that sky blue? Consider a navy, it can be dressed up with color while he is young and grow to maturity with the incorporation of woods and dark accents.

I have also seen some bold kitchen cabinetry, the cover issue of House Beautiful’s color issue last spring comes to mind, and I think that navy on cabinetry is a fantastic idea, especially when you can bring in a lot of natural light like in the kitchen. If you have an old house and you are into doing something fun, navy is a perfect thing to use boldly on moldings and in high sheens because the surfaces in old house are much smaller and that pop of color often integrates beautifully. Even if you don’t have an old home, don’t rule out navy blue as an option when considering a neutral backdrop, you might just be surprised at its versatility. Below are some really great photos that I found online from all over – it seems that all the design blogs like navy just as much as I do!

This blue is on the brighter side of things and immediately makes the space feel young and hip.

Love color? Remember navy as your colorful neutral!

Baby room!

I love the shine

Molding AND walls painted

Blue and White – a beautiful combo

Go navy kitchen!


Okay I want to go repaint my kitchen right now… perfect. Happy Monday! Yeah right…

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